Cathedral Rocks Kiama - Acrylic

 Cathedral Rocks , Kiama 




'Expressive & Bold Artworks, with a touch of the Abstract!'



"The Natural world has always captured my imagination.

The rich, red sand of outback Australia, the azure blues of the ocean near where I live, patterns on a tree trunk left behind by peeling bark or the colours of a sunrise playing across the rock faces on the mountains.

These are what inspire me to  paint.

My styles?



 and right through to pure Abstract!"


Olivia has been in over 40 combined exhibitions as well as Solo and group shows. She has received global recognition, in countries such as Italy, Dubai, USA, France and Australia and successfully exhibited at the Salon d’Automne, Paris, in October 2011. Olivia is internationally awarded, including a Bronze Medal Diploma from ‘Societe Art, Sciences and Lettres-Paris’ in June 2012.

She is a member and administrator of the popular, Kiama Arts Trail.

She has recently been nominated for a further two medal awards in Paris to be presented in 2014.

"Here was a true creative spirit that had been moulded and projected by the rough and smooth elements of Australian nature. Here

was work that was immediate in its seduction while at the same time insidious in its disturbance. Here were paintings that are at once both uncompromising and yet very accessible through their subtlety of depth and colour.  Here is a new truth of expression that is already proving its worth to many across the globe." Morant

“Beyond the horizons of expectation, Olivia Alexander goes to seek the boundaries of the invisible, multiplying and leaving the doors open access to her work.” Christian Iorio, Journalist, Naples.Naples Art Award


'OCEAN RHYTHM II'  Mixed Media on paper.

Exhibited Salon d'Automne, Paris 2011





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Oak Flats, New South Wales


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