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Cathedral Rocks Kiama - Acrylic

 Cathedral Rocks , Kiama 


'Expressive & Bold Artworks, with a touch of the Abstract!'


"The Natural world has always captured my imagination.

The rich, red sand of outback Australia, the azure blues of the ocean near where I live, patterns on a tree trunk left behind by peeling bark or the colours of a sunrise playing across the rock faces on the mountains.

These are what inspire me to  paint.

My styles?

Impressionism, Expressionism and right through to pure Abstract!"

Olivia is an Internationally awarded, Australian based artist.

She has received global recognition and International Diploma/Awards in countries such as France, Italy, Dubai, USA and Australia and successfully exhibited at the Salon d’Automne, Paris, in October 2011. read more...

What others are saying about the works of Olivia Alexander....

"The works of the Australian artist Olivia Alexander have an outstanding character concerning the way in which she expresses the movements of life in the natural world surroundings as well as in emotionally arising abstract universes.

Also the abstract pictures of Olivia Alexander show the great power, by which the artist is creating artworks of an abundant richness of colors, intensive and amazing structures with high spirituality."

 Dr. Marta Oberrauch-Melniczuk, Germany.

“Her paintings are rich in their associations with nature and natural forces without being obviously derivative. She tells us that it is her hope to communicate a place, a time, a memory that sparks the connection between painting and viewer. This is a tall order in these days of overt individual artistic expression, yet somehow her work succeeds in doing just that. Her techniques involve careful layering of colour and discursive markings that are always complimentary and conclusive to the whole vision."


Comments from the Naples Art Award 2013....

“Beyond the horizons of expectation Olivia Alexander goes to seek the boundaries of the invisible multiplying and leaving the doors open access to her work.” (Christian Iorio, Journalist, Naples)

“Very skilled in the management of color and material, to give a three-dimensional force balance, but also that in some places it seems to split the canvas surface to escape. I find it a very contemporary work, which mixes delicate and soft colors to an energy very much alive. The sky seems to seek a fusion with lava and contrasts perfectly blend”.

 (Carolina Lio, Art Critic & Curator, Berlin / Hong Kong) 





  Mixed Media on paper.

Exhibited Salon d'Automne, Paris 2011







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Studio Address

 1 / 27 The Boulevarde,

Oak Flats, New South Wales


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